The Most Interesting UK Merger Cases of 2016

Which are the most interesting UK merger cases of 2016 to date, as far as competition analysis is concerned?

My nominations this year include a number of CMA ‘firsts’ and plenty of food for thought on matters such as:

  • Consumer survey work – how and how not to approach it150301-CMA2
  • New methods of analysis
  • Conflicts between different sources of evidence
  • The balance between qualitative and quantitative evidence
  • Timeliness of evidence
  • What the CMA needs to show in order to find a substantial lessening of competition
  • The risks of non-notification
  • Misunderstandings about when the CMA may intervene

Here are my nominations. To access the CMA’s published decision please click on the blue text that contains the names of the merging parties:

Arriva Rail North/Northern Rail Franchise – Phase 2 divestment remedy

BCA Marketplace/SMA Vehicle Remarketing – Phase 1 divestment remedy

Celesio/Sainsburys Pharmacies – Phase 2 divestment remedies

Chemring/Wallop Defence Systems – Phase 1 clearance

Future/Miura – Phase 1 divestment remedy

Intercontinental Exchange/Trayport – Phase 2 Prohibition

Safetykleen/Pure Solve – Abandoned following Phase 1 Reference

Tullett Trebon/ ICAP– Phase 1 divestment