I help companies, their advisers and investors as they anticipate or navigate merger investigations by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

I often work alongside other expert advisers, providing highly-targeted interventions to assess case prospects and/or strengthen the case.

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My work helps clients under six main headings:

  • Understanding and navigating UK merger control
  • Assessing UK merger control risks and case prospects
  • Strengthening submissions to the CMA through a constructive challenge role
  • Building and making the best case
  • Preparing for CMA hearings – including as a panellist for rehearsal hearings
  • Helping clients with the CMA’s ‘briefing note’ process.

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My consulting draws on:

  • Over 20 years experience working in UK merger control for business and the competition authorities, including as Head of Merger Economics at the OFT
  • Close involvement in hundreds of UK merger investigations
  • Analysis from my unique UK merger database of over 400 past CMA cases – to guide effective case-making and risk assessment

I also

  • train competition agencies around the world in investigation skills and techniques
  • run training events for companies and advisers on how to make a better merger case
  • advise companies involved in CMA market investigations