UK Merger Spotlight



Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.


The CMA Takes A Tougher Line

In this blog Jonathan Ford and colleagues describe how the CMA seems to be clamping down on companies who breach its procedures.

Much more on this in my forthcoming A-Z of 2019 CMA Merger Decisions.

(Posted here November 2019)

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction During A Merger

Jeffrey Johnson here addresses a common and often-neglected M&A challenge.

(Posted here November 2019)

National Security Concerns In UK Merger Control

In this substantive article Ioannis Kokkoris provides a round-up of the issues and the cases to date.

(Posted here November 2019)

A Quick Guide To UK Merger Control

Here is Ashurst’s newly-published quick guide.

(Posted here October 2019)

Why Digital Market Don’t Work As They Should

Massimo Motta gives his view in these lecture slides

(Posted here October 2019)

Ten Steps To Prevent Merger Failure

Andrew Yue presents his recipe here.

(Posted here October 2019)

Recent Merger Decisions By The CMA

Here the CMA comments substantively on its recent decisions regarding the Experian/Clearscore and Sainsbury/Asda mergers.

(Posted here October 2019)

The CMA Reduces Its Role In NHS Mergers

Rebecca Hainsworth looks at the change in policy signalled in the latest decision. The link is here.

(Posted here October 2019)

How To Reduce The Risk Of Mergers Going Wrong

An interesting short piece on M&A risks by Andrew Rimmington. Here is the link.

(Posted here September 2019)

The Effect of Common Share Ownership on Merger Analysis

Roman Inderst sets out here thoughts on a matter that is attracting growing attention. The article contains useful links to other papers on the topic.

(Posted here September 2019)

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