UK Merger Spotlight

Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.


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Opposing Merger Control Outcomes Across The Atlantic

In this article Sarah Gallagher and Meghan Yates look at the Sabre/Farelogix case.

(Posted here July 2020)

Merging Parties Fail Again In Appealing A CMA Decision

Caroline Chew and Wenjie Shen look at the lessons from the Ecolab/Holchem appeal to the Competition Appeals Tribunal. The link is here.

(Posted here July 2020)

Three Recent Vertical Cases At The CMA

In this article Caitlin Wilkinson and Alex Moore reflect on three recent cases: ICE/Trayport, Thermo Fisher/Gatan and Tobii/Smartbox.

(Posted here July 2020)

Taking Over The Asylum: Another CAT Appeal

In this article Susan Black and colleagues consider the latest appeal to the CAT over a Phase 2 merger prohibition decision, with the Covid-19 impact an interesting bone of contention.

(Posted here June 2020)

GP Practices Are Now Within UK Merger Control

Andrew Taylor looks at a recent decision that could have big implications for future mergers between GP practices. Link here.

(Posted here May 2020)

The Art Of Deal Synergies

In this article Andy West and Jeff Rudnicki look back at lessons from many hundreds of transactions.

(Posted here May 2020)

Lessons From A Recent ‘Dynamic Markets’ Case

Eleni Gouliou and Alex Hazell of the CMA look at lessons from the Pacific Bio/Illumina case. Link here.

(Posted here May 2020)

More Focus On Potential Competition Theories In Merger Cases?

Tommaso Valletti and colleagues here examine whether competition agencies should be, and are paying attention to the chilling effect of mergers on innovation, citing three recent UK cases.

(Posted here May 2020)

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