UK Merger Spotlight

Below is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.

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The Future of M&A

In this survey, Iain Macmillan and colleagues say that nearly 50% of CFOs lack confidence they can overcome regulatory and political obstacles to M&A.

(Posted here April 2021)

Platforms v Aggregators

Thibault Schrepel looks here at a distinction in danger of being overlooked.

(Posted here February 2021)

Filing A Merger In The UK

Stephen Whitfield and colleagues summarise here of new issues facing some non-UK acquirers post-Brexit.

(Posted here February 2021)

Taking A Chunk Of Deliveroo

Natasha Bernal looks at the Amazon/Deliveroo story. Link here.

(Posted here February 2021)

Merger Control Post Brexit

Veronica Roberts and colleagues summarise here the key points for merging businesses.

(Posted here January 2021)

Why Data Network Effects And Normal Network Effects Mustn’t Be Confused

Andrei Hagiu and Julian Wright look here at an issue that is getting increasing attention in merger control.

(Posted here January 2021)

Competition In The Mobile Phone Industry

Ofcom’s latest analysis says that previous studies in this area do not support claims about the benefits of consolidation for investment/quality outcomes.

(Posted here January 2021)

The shortlist is updated regularly. 

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