UK Merger Spotlight


Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing on mergers:


2017 – A Boom Year For Domestic UK mergers

Here is Reuters’ Ben Martin’s take on UK deal trends in 2017

(Posted December 2017)

Why Mergers Fail

This report presents a recent survey by Mergermarket of executives involved in ‘failed’ deals to find out what went wrong and what they would do differently. Many firms underestimated how their competitors would respond.

(Posted December 2017)

January 2018’s Most Interesting Merger Decision

Five CMA Phase 1 decisions were published in January. Here’s the most interesting – a clearance despite of some high shares of supply.

(Posted February 2017)

More Intervention, Longer Investigations and Record Fines

See Allen and Overy’s latest research on global trends in merger control enforcement

(Posted February 2017)

The shortlist is updated regularly. If you have an item that you would like me to consider including please drop me a line.

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