UK Merger Spotlight

Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.


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Has The CMA Become More Inteventionist On Mergers?

Andrea Coscelli sets out the CMA’s view here.

(Posted here March 2020)

Handling CMA Document Requests

CMA document requests have become much more burdensome. Here is Baker McKenzie’s view on how to handle CMA document requests.

(Posted here February 2020)

Tougher CMA Merger Enforcement?

Here Nicholas Levy and colleagues put the case that CMA merger enforcement has become tougher.

If you are on LinkedIn you will find my take on the topic here.

(Posted here February 2020)

Expanding The CMA’s Reach

Rod Carlton and colleagues reflect here on the implications of the recent Roche/Spark case which appears (for now) to broaden the scope of the CMA’s jurisdiction.

And here is another article on this by Ali Nikpay and colleagues, who advised on this transaction.

(Posted here February 2020)

UK Merger Jurisdiction Outside The EU

Ludovica Pizzetti and John Schmidt look at how merger jurisdiction will change. Link here.

(Posted here February 2020)

Data Consolidation Can Be A Merger Efficiency

In this article Mike Cowie and Gregory P Luib discuss cases in which merger of data has stimulated competition, not harmed it.

(Posted here February 2020)

Challenges For Digital Conglomerate Mergers

Competition authorities are increasingly scrutinising deals involving digital platforms. Here Annamaria Mangiaracina and colleagues take a look at the challenges these mergers can expect.

(Posted here February 2020)

A Frostier Reception For UK Mergers?

Adrian Magnus and colleagues look at the growing procedural challenges facing mergers in the UK. Link is here.

(Posted here January 2020)

Growing CMA Scrutiny of Mergers 

Ling Wu sets out here six themes and actions for those contemplating a UK merger investigation in 2020.

(Posted here January 2020)

The CMA’s Wide Jurisdiction On Mergers

In this article Simon Pritchard and colleagues examine three areas which demonstrate the CMA’s wide scope to examine mergers.

(Posted here January 2020)

How The CMA Assesses Local Markets

David Wirth and Tom Punton provide an overview from recent cases. The link is here.

(Posted here January 2020)

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