UK Merger Spotlight


Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control:


Most Mergers Increase Competition, Not Reduce It

This U.S. study challenges previous results.

(Posted May 2018)

Opportunities For UK Competition Policy Outside The EU

In this speech, the CMA’s Michael Grenfell gives an upbeat assessment of some of the benefits of being outside the EU.

(Posted May 2018)

Ten Questions To Ask Your Lawyers When Embarking On A Joint Venture

Some companies see a JV as an alternative to merger. This CMA blog should be essential reading for those considering a JV.

(Posted May 2018)

The Risks In Not Making Your Merger Public – A Recent Reminder

Burges Salmon highlight the risks, as demonstrated in a case now entangled in a long merger investigation. The article is here.

(Posted June 2018)

The CMA’s Approach To EU Mergers Once The U.K. Leaves The EU

Ronan Scanlan set out his thoughts here.

(Posted June 2018)

The shortlist is updated regularly. 


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