UK Merger Spotlight


Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.

The Effect of Common Share Ownership on Merger Analysis

Roman Inderst sets out here thoughts on a matter that is attracting growing attention. The article contains useful links to other papers on the topic.

(Posted here September 2019)

A Toughening of the UK Merger Regime

Dominic Long and colleagues explain here how the CMA has significantly stepped up its action against companies breaching its merger procedures.

(Posted here August 2019)

Another Fine Mess

Dimitris Sinaniotis reports here on the latest company to be fined as a result of merging business operations without CMA approval

(Posted here August 2019)

Making UK Merger Control Fit For Digital Markets

The CMA is considering revising its merger guidelines. Alberto Prandini sets outs his thoughts here.

(Posted here August 2019)

The PayPal/iZettle Case: A Shift In Policy On Digital Cases?

Simon Neill discusses the CMA’s approach in this recent case in this short article.

(Posted here June 2019)

What Does Merger Valuation Tell Us About Whether A Merger May Harm Competition?

Oliver Latham and colleagues explain here how analysis of a merger’s valuation can raise or quell competition concerns.

(Posted here June 2019)

Sainsburys-Asda: Did The CMA Move The Goalposts?

David Wirth and colleagues argue in this article that the CMA did not move the goalposts as some have argued.

(Posted here June 2019)

Health and Care Mergers

In this article Andrew Taylor of Aldwych Partners examines trends across more than 40 CMA cases in the health and care sectors.

(Posted here June 2019)

Why The CMA Cleared Tesco/Booker

Many observers have misunderstood the Tesco/Booker decision. Here Julie Bon summarises why the CMA cleared this deal.

(Posted here April 2019)

The shortlist is updated regularly. 

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