UK Merger Spotlight

Below is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent articles relevant to mergers and UK merger control.

In the comments box below please feel free to share the best recent article you’ve read on merger control.

When Dynamic Competition Is Dynamite

Laurence Page looks here at the Meta/Giphy case.

(Posted here July 2022)

An Inside¬† View Of The CMA’s Phase 2 Panel System

CMA Panel chairman Martin Coleman describes how the CMA’s Phase 2 panel system works. Link is here.

(Posted here June 2022)

More To It Than Meets The Eye

Here, Tom Smith looks at the implications of the CAT’s recent judgement on the CMA’s Meta/Giphy investigation.

(Posted here June 2022)

The Waste Of A Merger

In this piece, James Langley summarises why the CMA found competition problems with the Veolia/Suez transaction.

(Posted here May 2022)

The ‘Failing Firm’ Defence Rides Again

Rosamund Browne and colleagues look at the recent Freshways/Medina case – an unusual Phase 1 clearance – here.

(Posted here May 2022)

Changes To The UK Merger Control Regime

Simon Pritchard and colleagues look here at the Government’s proposed reforms to the merger regime.

(Posted here April 2022)

EC Clearance/UK Prohibition

Ali Nikpay and colleagues take a look (here) at the recent Cargotec/Konecranes merger case, abandoned after prohibition by the CMA.

(Posted here April 2022)

Entertaining Decisions

Here, Kiran Desai asks what changed to enable the CMA to clear the Sony/AWAL transaction at Phase 2

(Posted here March 2022)

The shortlist is updated regularly. 

If you have an article or paper that you would like to suggest for the Spotlight please drop me a line.

Material contained in the shortlisted articles expresses the views of the authors of the articles and does not imply endorsement or agreement.

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