UK Merger Spotlight


Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.

Does Competition Between Hospitals Benefit Patients?

This CMA working paper finds that it does.

(Posted here Feburary 2019)

Why Consumer Welfare Remains The Best Guide For Protecting Competition

Joe Kennedy explains here.

(Posted here February 2019)

The CMA’s Approach To Requesting Business Documents

Tripti Malhotra summarises here the CMA’s latest guidance on the use of internal documents in mergers.

(Posted here January 2019)

P.S. Some of you have asked whether business documents are becoming a more important source of evidence for the CMA – here is the picture on that.

Is This The Greatest Anti-Competitive Threat Of Our Time?

Einer Elhauge examines the impact (here) of investors holding shares in rival companies.

(Posted here January 2019)

Is The CMA Easing Up On Food And Drink Mergers?

Merger expert Andrew Taylor gives his view based on an extensive analysis of CMA decisions

(Posted here January 2019)

Better Assessment of UK Merger Control Risk

Here’s a shameless plug for my latest blog which shows what companies can learn from the first 300 CMA cases.

(Posted here January 2019)

Merger Spotlight – 2018 Highlights

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