UK Merger Spotlight

Here is my current shortlist of the most interesting recent pieces of writing relevant to mergers and UK merger control.

Coming Up? A Separate Regime For Digital Mergers

Verity Egerton-Doyle  looks here  at what could be a significant change to the UK merger control regime.

(Posted here October 2020)

Looking At Google/Looker

The CMA looks back here on its assessment of this case.

(Posted here October 2020)

The Risk Of Different Merger Control Outcomes In the UK and Elsewhere

Nicola Kar and Lauren O’Brien set out their thoughts on this topic here.

(Posted here September 2020)

The CMA Takes Its Own Line On Taboola/Outbrain

In this piece Rikki Haria and colleagues examine the lessons behind another abandoned merger.

(Posted here September 2020)

Managing The Risks Of CMA Intervention

Andrew Taylor illustrates the issue here with reference to the CMA’s record in petrol station mergers.

(Posted here September 2020)

Should Merger Control Policy and State Aid Policy Be Better Aligned?

Michele Granatstein presents the arguments here.

(Posted here August 2020)

Has The CMA Changed Its Approach To Retail Mergers?

In this article, Geoffrey Gray argues that is has, based on the recent JD Sports/ Footasylum decision.

(Posted here August 2020)

The shortlist is updated regularly. 

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