Executive Briefings – Recent Topics

Here are examples of some of the topics recently discussed…..

  • What you need to know about UK merger control if you are thinking of merging
  • How to assess the chances of regulatory intervention
  • The CMA’s special arrangements for ‘small’ markets: risks and opportunities 160630-briefing pic
  • The critical ingredients in planning for and navigating a Phase 1 merger inquiry
  • The evidence that counts most at Phase 1
  • Planning effectively for a Phase 2 investigation
  • How best to intervene in a UK merger case if you are a customer or competitor
  • How best to prepare for a formal CMA hearing
  • Lessons from the most recent UK merger control decisions
  • How the CMA assesses retail mergers
  • After the CMA investigation: How top companies use the experience to identify new opportunities
  • How to prepare for a CMA market study or market investigation

Oral briefings are available by telephone or in person. They do not need to be part of a wider piece of work and are charged by the hour.

For further details please call me on 0795 005 7103.