Briefings on Phase 2 Merger Investigation Prospects

Investors, investment management firms and other interested parties regularly ask me to help them assess the prospects for mergers already under CMA investigation, especially those involved in a Phase 2 in-depth inquiry.

Questions I usually cover include:

  • What does the Phase 1 published decision tell us about Phase 2 prospects?
  • What are the most similar past Phase 2 cases?
  • What do the outcomes of those cases tell us about Phase 2 prospects for the case at hand?
  • What are the key things to watch out for as the investigation proceeds?

To answer these questions I draw on data from my unique database of CMA cases which enables identification and analysis of the most similar previous cases, such as:

  • Those with the same or very similar key features
  • Those with the same pattern of potential concerns
  • Those with the same pattern of Phase 1 reasoning

Briefings usually take place by conference call or video call and range from one-on-one discussions to briefings for multiple participants. Typically briefings last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Please click here for details of current cases on which I am delivering briefings and how to access them.