Briefings For Merger Advisers

I regularly run briefings for advisers on topics concerning UK merger control and CMA market investigations.

Each briefing is for an individual advisory firm and is for advisers preparing for or contemplating a CMA investigation. Briefings normally take place at the advisers’ offices

In due course I plan to deliver free briefing for advisory firms on the following topic:

  • ‘Recent CMA Merger Decisions: Tougher Enforcement Or Riskier Mergers? 


    • The facts and figures behind the debate, based on analysis of all CMA cases to date
    • Alternative interpretations of the numbers
    • Implications for merging companies and their rivals

I will announce dates for these once the coronavirus situation permits.

Chargeable briefings on this topic (and on the topics listed below) will also be resumed once the coronavirus situation permits.

Please phone me on 0795 005 7103 to find out more.

Watch this space for details of future free briefings.


Previous free briefings in 2020:

  • How Important To Merger Outcomes Is The Number and Pattern Of Theories Of Harm?
  • ‘Growing Problems For Mergers At CMA? : What’s Behind The Enforcement Figures