I am an experienced competition economist and independent consultant, specialising in merger control and market inquiries conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

I help clients:

  • analyse the competition effects of a merger in progress or a deal they are considering
  • pinpoint the best economic analysis and evidence to support a case
  • understand the UK merger control  or market inquiry process and how best to engage with it
  • assess the chances of regulatory intervention such as remedies or prohibition
  • focus their case and avoid common pitfalls by drawing on best practice from past mergers or market investigations
  • strengthen their case through critical challenge, by playing ‘Devil’s Advocate’ or by providing a second opinion
  • prepare and rehearse for key case meetings
  • train and coach their staff in competition analysis and case-making

I work with clients in a number of different ways, including by providing very targeted executive briefings and providing an expert ‘fresh pair of eyes’ on draft submissions. Details of the current briefing programme are here.

My clients include:

  • merging parties
  • customers of, or competitors to, merging parties
  • companies considering alternative merger options
  • investors
  • companies involved in CMA market investigations
  • competition authorities across Europe and beyond

I frequently work alongside other leading professional advisers.

Previously I was Head of Merger Economics at the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and, before that, a Director at PwC.

Over the past 15 years I have advised on more than 500 merger cases argued in front of the competition authorities, as well market investigations in high profile sectors.

At the OFT I was closely involved in the development of the UK’s merger guidelines, retail merger guidelines and the approach to assessing mergers in ‘small’ markets.

I have trained competition agencies across the world through my specialist course in evidence-gathering skills.

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